Welcome aboard, Cold Iron Players! (And whoever else stumbles upon this page.)

Here’s what I’m most often looking for when I come here:

I: When a new arcane power is used for the first time. (All PC powers except Flint’s, actually.)
a. roll 1d4:
1: Power does not function. (you can use power as normal as soon as next round, but you lose your action.)
2-3: Power functions normally.
4: Roll on the crazy table!

The Crazy Table:
1: Nothing happens, but the power is expended if it is encounter or daily.
2-3: The power’s target becomes “all creatures within burst 20.” Allies are also targeted, but as always, the attacker can choose to knock creatures unconscious instead of killing them.
4-5: The power’s target becomes “all creatures within burst 20,” and automatically hits.
6-7: The power’s target becomes “all creatures within burst 20,” and automatically hits and does full damage.
8-9: No attack roll needed: all intended targets are hit with the spell.
10-11: No attack or damage rolls needed: All original targets of the spell are hit, and they are dealt critical hits.
12: The power’s target becomes “all enemies within burst 20”. All targets are hit and dealt full damage, plus 1d6.

I hope this will be a useful record of things we’d like to keep track of between sessions, ideas about the setting, forum for in and out of character conversation, etc.

Either that, or it’ll be fun to dork around with.

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Go nuts! Let’s build a world together!
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Cold Iron

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