Cold Iron

his full violet ground hard

A Session Summary for our Twenty-Third Session

We rejoin our heroes on the other side of the fountain, where something that is apparently a corpse has just come alive (or something like it).

A totally awesome multi-level zombie fight amongst mysterious ruins ensues. Highlights include:

- Nyix earns the “Dick Wizard” achievement by grabbing a giant with Bigby’s Icy Grasp and squeezing it, over the course of several rounds, until it dies without having moved so much as one square towards the party. - A weird spooky elevator/coffin thing brings a strange green monstrous humanoid to attack us. Mark thinks it should be referred to as the “hell-evator”

We narrowly escape with our lives and are left panting on the other side of the fountain.


weasleydavid caromalinia

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