Cold Iron

sleeping precious--sneaky shiver home

A Session Summary

We left our heroes having just faced and vanquished a self-aware garage sale. Now we are well and fully inside the legendary Spiral Tower! Let’s explore!

So we end up in some sort of a basement or whatnot. In the basement there is a giant robot and poisonous gases (that poison our asses). It is…not the best.

After combat:
There is a journal/book sitting on a desk. It is clearly magical. A light goes on when we walk over there. When Nyix opens the book, all its pages are empty. After much consternation over what to do, Nyix picks up the pen next to the book and writes, on its first page, “Hello?”

Gold flowing script unfolds on the page below the black ink with which Nyix has written: “Who is this?”

Nyix writes again: “My name is Nyixes. May I ask with whom I am speaking?”

“Greetings, Nyixes. It is good to have someone to speak to again after all these years. I am Joachim.”



weasleydavid caromalinia

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