Kreeflargh Goblins

Kreeflargh Goblin Tribe

The Kreeflargh tribe of goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears have been a continuing danger/nuisance to the people of the Hollow Valley since well before the Faerie War. They tend to appear in the region once every several years, almost always in the late fall or early winter. Scholars and old wives of the Valley suppose that the nomadic tribe usually winters farther south and summers farther north, hitting the Hollow Valley at about the same point in their annual (or semi-annual?) migrations.

Though records are spotty, legend and rumor reports that the Tribe was not seen in the Valley for ten years before or ten years after the Faerie War.

The Tribe is something of a running joke among residents of the valley- they regularly threaten violence against the people of the valley, but are almost always turned back by some group of ragtag adventurers before they can extort even a single meal. This is not to say, however, that the tribe is not dangerous- they seem to have been operating with increasing cunning and boldness in the last twenty years, and the wise among the valley folk do not joke about the tribe without also offering a warning glance to those who might be inclined to wander off in the forest alone.

Kreeflargh Goblins

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