Priman Ruling Council

The Priman Ruling Council currently has 49 seated Councilors, though often not all of them attend the monthly semi-monthly meetings of the council. The Council undertakes much of its bureaucratic work through various committees and subcommittees; in fact, the Warders of Alden, the primary political power of note within the city, basically functions as committee of the Council (though it does have some seperate funding mechanisms and legal authority.)

Notable Priman Ruling Council (PRC) Characters (Who sits in that room? Who could I/we get closest to?): Page through a lot of minutes from their meetings or whatnot (this may come up in later gameplay—“I researched that!”). Each of the smaller racial groups has at least one rep on the PRC. Some names:
Lord Torg, goblin rep (they are one of the newer races to get a rep on the PRC);
Lady Felda, one of the humans. Seems to be kind of a big player in the council, the big issue that she has been debating is legalizing “rogue prostitution” (ie not the conduits) in the city;
Lord Luthor, chair of human caucus, seems quite stable.

Other notable human representatives:
Sister Hannah: Cleric of Pelor, and long-term council member. Often a voice for moderation.
Ralph Tenbrink: Successful owner of a series of general stores. Pushed his way up through politics, often represents mercantile interests, but with an independent streak.
Treba Bockney: Has had some dealings with the Blue Daggers. Often put on trial for corruption, etc., she’s never found guilty.
Paris Flatchen: Scholar and historian. Former student at the Archives. Always a cautious eye towards the Faeries. Chairs the “Interworld Relations Committee”.

The racial make-up of the Priman Ruling Council follows:

Humans 16
Dwarves 9
Elves 9
Shifters 1
Dragonborn 2
Wilden 1
Demihuman Caucus 1
Goliaths 1
Eladrin 2
Halflings 3
Rust Monsters 1
Tieflings 1
Goblins 3
Minotaurs 1
Sahaugin 1


“In the years following the Faerie War, the process for getting a new group approved for ‘service’ on the Priman Ruling Council was not as rigorous as it is now. (Petitions, official censuses, etc.) One of the cleverer halfling members of the Council, Balran, contrived a kind of court-packing scheme utilizing an obscure set of procedural rules. Basically, his plan was to secure his own power base by getting a series of barely-sentient and/or barely-communicative species authorized to the Council. Some council members had a sense that he was trying to accomplish this, but couldn’t see Balran’s method for using these creatures to obtain power. (Balrain was a master of procedure and the Priman equivalent of Robert’s Rules, so he almost certainly could’ve done it.)

Unfortunately (or probably, fortunately) Balrain was tragically trampled by a herdswarm of pixie-goats while beginning his plan. The wheels were set in motion, however, and before his procedures could be superseded by other council members, one of his chosen species was elected to the Council. So, that’s why, to this day, the Rust Monsters always send a representative to the Priman Ruling Council.

The current representative, Carl the Rust Monster, usually votes with the halflings, and always goes out for drinks with them after the council meetings. Only certain taverns can… accommodate him.

Priman Ruling Council

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