The Hollow Valley

The Hollow Valley represents the basic “territory” of the Blue Daggers chapter based in Warden Springs. The origin of its name is lost to history, but it remains a remarkably beautiful and pristine valley, marked by a wide variety of settlers, human and otherwise. The site of fierce battles during the Faerie War, it has since regained its natural beauty, for the most part.

Warden Springs is by far the largest settlement in the Hollow Valley. A tiny hamlet which became a town of refuge and safety for some of the many displaced by the war. Some notable landmarks include the Temple of Corellion, constructed on the banks of the eponymous Spring, and the Pelor Taphouse, a combination pub and house of worship.

The Willow Forest is in the southeast of the Hollow Valley. Its chief civilized inhabitants are a band of elves with close ties to many in Warden Springs. The Willow Elves are led by Allowat, who also serves as Warden Spring’s Priestess of Corellion.

The Eastern Gate is a notable trade-gate between Prima and Faerie, one of the few that are still active. Primans rush to acquire whatever the faeries request, and are often rewarded with items that Primans greatly prize: jewels and the like. It is guarded by a unit of the Alden Guard.

The Ice Caverns Where the Hollow Valley meets the Northern Mountains, there are great, natural (and not-so-natural) caverns in the ice. They are regularly mined by several clans of dwarves, sometimes in cooperation, sometimes in competition.

The Hauser Lands is a near-feudal territory on the outskirts of Warden Springs. It is predominantly controlled by Baron Hauser, a largely-gregarious merchant.

The Hollow Valley

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