The Eastern Gate

The Eastern Gate, located in the Willow Forest of the Hollow Valley, is one of the few remaining active gates between Prima and the Feywild. It is guarded by a standing unit of the Alden Guard and is used exclusively for mercantile exchanges. The gate is currently rigged to only accept goods, rather than beings, for transfer between the worlds.

The Eastern Gate is notable for its unique style of goods exchange. Periodically, usually about once a month, the Gate Captain receives a message from the Feywild, reporting a single item needed in vast quantities by whoever is managing the Feywild side of the gate. Sometimes it is a mundane item, like apples; sometimes a valuable one, like emeralds; sometimes it is an item that no one in Prima has ever heard of. However, the faeries almost always pay fabulous sums for such items: for example, they once exchanged a bushel of emeralds for a bushel of apples.

Much of the trade and travel of the Hollow Valley is centered around the Eastern Gates, with fast-traveling messengers relaying news of the Faerie’s latest requested item to merchants across the continent, and caravans of merchants rushing to the gate to try to catch it before the requested item is switched.

Such caravans will often overnight, re-supply, and occasionally take on additional guides in Warden Springs.

The Eastern Gate

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